SRX Provides the Lowest Net Cost Solution

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The Solution

SRX is the only solution that interacts with and integrates all aspects of LTC pharmacy spend through a single online portal. SRX provides the tools and information necessary for realizing the lowest net cost solution for pharmacy spend.

Infographic with icons demonstrating the SRX solution. Icons include data on a monitor, pills, reports, and rebates.


Practice Areas

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SRX works with facilities to establish cost-effective and care-driven formularies that create checks and balances that prevent unnecessary costs, increase transparency, ensure compliance, and put facilities in charge of their pharmacy relationship.

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& Reporting

SRX automates line-by-line reconciliation of monthly pharmacy spend and produces simplified reports that identify errors, trends, areas where additional cost savings can be attained, and eligible rebates.

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Only SRX integrates automation and expert analysis to ensure that every eligible line item on your bill is turned into a guaranteed rebate—ensuring the highest number of eligible rebates and the best returns in the industry.

Skilled nursing facilities face unique challenges. SRX technology was developed by industry experts to specifically address these and other issues related to SNF pharmacy management.

Our solution provides critical insight into all invoice line items, and guarantees the payment of timely rebates. We have the most complete solution and our results speak for themselves.