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SRX Awarded Company of the Year

March 5, 2020

SRX is honored to be named Healthcare Tech Outlook’s 2020 Company of the Year among Pharmacy Management Solution Providers.

As the top solution among a category of 10 selected providers, this award acknowledges SRX as a leader among innovative solutions for pharmacy management. SRX technology integrates drug databases, facility formularies, pharmacy contracts, and regulatory and compliance considerations into its web-based application. The solution identifies areas for improving efficiencies and analyzing trends, and helps long-term and skilled nursing facilities receive the maximum eligible rebates. From the article, Scott Taylor, CEO, explains, “We help skilled operators significantly bend their drug spend cost curve. In an increasingly competitive market, this provides our clients with a significant advantage over their competitors.”

Read more about the award, CEO Scott Taylor, and SRX technology in the featured article on Healthcare Tech Outlook.

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