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Preparing for the 20/21 flu season is more important than ever as skilled nursing and long-term care facilities face an uncertain future in the wake of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Program Details

Competitive pricing and delivery for flu vaccines are still available. Enroll today to ensure your facility has a sufficient supply prior to the CDC-recommended administration deadline in October.

Program Benefits:

  • Obtain first priority shipments and wholesale pricing
  • Bypass supply chain issues
  • Existing SRX customers can net payments from rebate distributions for cashless transactions

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Sale:
Prices are subject to change without prior notification. Neither SRX nor any of its affiliates (“SRX”) guarantee any specific delivery date or quantity. SRX will not be held liable for any delays or product shortages. You agree that this is a binding order which may only be canceled by delivering SRX written notice of cancellation prior to July 1, 2020. By placing this order, you agree to purchase the designated Flu Vaccine upon delivery. You further agree that SRX may substitute products at the same sales price as long as the substitute product has an equal or greater age indication and is provided in the same form. After July 1, 2020, you may cancel only the quantity of Flu Vaccine that SRX fails to deliver by September 14, 2020. The sale price indicated includes freight unless separately identified on the invoice. SRX’s standard terms of sales are incorporated by reference and apply to this order for Flu Vaccine. IN NO EVENT SHALL SRX BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, WHETHER BASED ON BREACH OF CONTRACT, WARRANTY, TORT, PRODUCT LIABILITY, OR OTHERWISE, (INCLUDING LOST PROFITS) FROM ANY CAUSE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES RESULTING FROM ANY UNAVAILABILITY OF, DEFECT IN, OR MISSHIPMENT OF PRODUCTS OR THE PROVISION OF SERVICES, AND WHETHER OR NOT SRX HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE.
Return Policy
Glaxo Smith Kline
Unless otherwise specified in the purchasing agreement or by state law, participating members will be eligible to return up to 30% of each branded presentation of GSK Flu Vaccine doses purchased via GSKDirect for full credit (the 30% eligibility is applied per product NDC). In order to qualify for return reimbursement of eligible Flu Vaccine doses, customers must obtain a GSK-issued Return Goods Authorization (RGA). The RGA can be obtained via or by calling the GSK Vaccine Service Center at 1-866-475-8222.Eligible Flu Vaccine doses returned must be received at the GSK Return Goods Vendor (Inmar) within the Flu Vaccine Return Period, unless otherwise specified by state law. GSK will notify eligible customers of the return window begin date and end date (“The Flu Vaccine Return Period”) and when the RGA will be available. Flu vaccines returned without the RGA and/or received outside of the eligible Flu Vaccine Return Period, or outside the period provided by state law, will be reimbursed Federal Excise Tax (FET) only.†
• With the exception of terms that conflict with the purchasing agreement (in which case the purchasing agreement terms supersede all other provisions), all other GSK Return Goods Policy provisions apply as published on GSK’s Return Goods Policy is subject to change on without notice.
Influenza Vaccine Product Return Policy Effective January 27th, 2020 What can be returned: All Seqirus influenza vaccine product, including product purchased from either Seqirus Inc. and/or Seqirus USA Inc. Returns Processing Agent: • Customer (or Customer’s Third Party Return Processor on their behalf) ships product to the Inmar Pharmaceutical Services address listed below with delivery receipt occurring at Inmar Pharmaceutical Services by the contractual deadline date or the final business day of June of the following year, whichever comes first.
• Full Purchase Credit is defined as purchase price plus FET (Federal Excise Tax)
• Customer must obtain a Return Authorization (RA) in advance of sending their return shipment.
• Partially used Multi-Dose Vials will not qualify for Full Purchase Credit.
• Individual un-used Pre-filled Syringes will qualify for Full Purchase Credit.
• Product receipt and processing at the FedEx Supply Chain or Inmar Pharmaceutical Services facilities must be verified by Seqirus to be considered for Full Purchase Credit.
• Damaged or broken vials/syringes should not be returned, and if returned will not be eligible for credit.
• Product returned within biohazard, or hazardous material containers/bags will not be accepted for return and will be ineligible for credit. Eligibility Criteria for FET Credit of Return:
• Additional product, that is not inclusive of the Full Purchase Credit, will be eligible for FET Credit only of $0.75/ds.
• Partially used Multi-Dose Vials will not qualify for FET Credit.
• Individual unused Pre-filled Syringes will qualify for FET Credit.
• An RA is required to return product to Inmar Pharmaceutical Services.
• No contractual deadline is assumed for FET Credit of the Return.

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