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For most long-term care or skilled nursing facilities, pharmacy spend is the second largest cost center aside from labor. SRX technology maximizes rebates and lowers costs so operators can enjoy greater financial security and control over this key cost center.


Automated technology examines your monthly pharmacy bill. We identify and submit all eligible rebates, even those hiding in plain sight. Best of all, our quarterly rebates are guaranteed on time, every time.

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Cost Management

Automation simplifies analysis of all the complex data that affects your bill and provides you with controls for managing your pharmacy relationship and drug costs.

Price Reconciliation

Point-of-sale adjudication prevents pharmacy contract and formulary rules from being broken. When this isn’t possible, SRX monthly reports simplify the price reconciliation process and ensure that operators receive all eligible credits and returns.


Our robust technology and tools generate reports that allow operators to claim valuable pharmacy returns, identify opportunities for waste management, and take control of your pharmacy spend.

Drug Utilization Improvement

SRX works with facilities to create formularies that meet the needs of patient populations while also considering financial implications. As rebates and drug pricing are always in flux, SRX’s ongoing advisory services drive lowest net cost.


Proven Results

Check out what customers are saying about how SRX has impacted their bottom line by increasing rebates and lowering costs.

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Industry Rebates

To date, SRX has helped operators receive tens of millions of rebate dollars. Paid on time, every time.

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