Better Care, Greater Reimbursements, PDPM’s Pharmacy Opportunity

June 17, 2020

Recently, SRX’s Paula Agoglia and Dhaval Thakkar spoke with Skilled Nursing News about the opportunities for long-term care operators to improve pharmacy management and drug utilization under Medicare’s Patient-Driven Payment model (PDPM).

The white paper also includes discussion with AJ Farhoud with Bandera Family Health Care, a division of Ensign Services, and David Moskowitz with National HealthCare Associates. The paper details strategies for managing pharmacy need, the importance of a drug utilization review in maximizing PDPM reimbursements, and the benefits of implementing technology and automation to improve reimbursements. 

From the article, “Success under PDPM requires maximizing efficiency at every turn, and drug utilization is a huge piece of that. Each of the five areas that factor into PDPM reimbursement have a pharmacy component that can be optimized for max reimbursement, simply through better use of real-time technology.”

Read the full article here.

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