SNN Interview with SRX Senior Analyst, Dhaval Thakkar

April 21, 2020

Dhaval Thakkar recently spoke with Skilled Nursing News about how SRX’s drug utilization review (DUR) process helps long-term care operators to reduce their pharmacy spend and better control costs.

At SRX, Dhaval is responsible for price reconciliation services, and creating monthly operational reports for our clients in order to provide them with the insight required to reduce costs and maximize rebates. He works directly with clients to ensure that they understand the reports that analyze what is contained in their pharmacy bill. For clients who use pharmacies that are unable to adjudicate at the point of sale, SRX reports provide the insight required to pursue claims that don’t adhere to contract terms. From the article Dhaval states, “SRX makes sure that all claims reports are sent to the facility and pharmacy on a monthly basis to reconcile all flags/edits that were violated in the prior month. Therefore, if adjudication is not feasible, there is still an automated way for operators to capture all dispenses.”

SRX’s DUR is an important function of our automation and technology. Without this capability, facilities are unable to have the data needed to adequately recoup costs that are rightfully theirs. Alongside our technology, Dhaval and our other consultants play an important role in working with clients and their pharmacy partners to create stronger, more transparent relationships.   

Read the full article here. 

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