Take Charge of Your Pharmacy Spend

You May Be Missing Out
On Millions in Rebates and
Cost Savings

SRX offers the lowest net cost solution

for managing post-acute care (PAC) pharmacy spend.

Like most skilled nursing or long-term care facilities (SNFs/LTCs) you are trying to maximize rebates, lower prescription costs, reduce reconciliation errors, enforce formulary compliance, and obtain credits.

Only SRX offers a powerful, data-driven technology platform that automates all of these areas while providing unparalleled support and advisory services. The result is the lowest net cost solution for managing SNF pharmacy spend.

Proven Results

While every facility is unique, the SRX solution can be customized to ensure excellent, quantifiable results for any operator or facility. The following represents a cross section and averages of typical results experienced by SRX customers:

Infographic with icons detailing an example of cost savings and rebates.


We understand that each facility is unique and has different processes, pharmacy relationships, patient care protocols, existing software and technology, electronic health record systems, and personnel resources. To this end, we have a proven process in place that allows us to best adapt our technology to serve your facility needs.

Green bullets indicating steps of the process for implementing the SRX solution.

SRX provides the most comprehensive solution for managing pharmacy spend.