Within 60 days, SRX provides demonstrable, quantifiable results.

The following are actual examples of results obtained for new clients after conducting their first price reconciliation and submitting results to their pharmacy:

A Complete Pharmacy Cost Savings Solution

Operator Profile
9 Large Homes
Pricing not entered correctly
Average overcharge of $10,000 per month
Immediate credit of $50,000
Avoided $120,000 in annual overcharges
26 Home Operator /
Single Home Example
Pharmacy pricing did not reflect updated contract terms
Immediate credit of $5,000
Identified $20,000 in annual cost reductions
12 Home Operator
Identified significant overcharges
Pharmacy chose to conduct a ‘self-audit’ for prior 6 months

Best Industry Rebates

SRX’s data-driven, automated solution allows customers to identify the maximum number of eligible rebates and receive the highest returns in the industry. See for yourself:

2021 Annual Rebates

10 Home Operator
26 Home Operator
56 Home Operator

Significant Cost Savings
and Waste Management

By automating and integrating all aspects of pharmacy spend into one powerful solution, SRX identifies efficiencies and cost savings that are not otherwise possible. See for yourself:

Operator Profile
28 Home Operator
Identified overcharges from 2 pharmacy partners
Received credits totaling $388,000
12 Home Operator
Identified significant overcharges
Pharmacy chose to conduct a ‘self-audit’ for prior 6 months
Pharmacy issued $44,000 in credits for previous 6 month period

Customized Solutions

To ensure that SRX’s solution is optimized, our formal process fully adapts our technology to serve each facility’s unique needs.

Cost Savings

Multi-Regional Operator
Case Study

23 Facility Operator
Avg. 28. Medicare Pt. A / Managed Care
Residents Per Building

“When SRX approached us, we didn’t even know rebates were a thing. Obviously getting those first checks was shocking–in all the right ways–but what has been even more shocking are the cost savings and efficiencies we have experienced with SRX.”

– Operator VP of Operations

Impact on Lowest Net Cost
Identified Contract Errors
Annual Rebates

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