Automated Software for Veterans Homes that Reduces Drug Costs and Maximizes Rebates

Take Charge of Your Pharmacy Spend

Did you know your veterans home could be eligible for thousands of dollars in cost savings and pharmacy rebates? SRX’s automated software is uniquely designed to help veterans homes lower pharmacy costs and receive valuable rebate dollars. Best of all, there are no out-of-pocket costs.

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Cost Savings

SRX customers benefit from more than an 11% average in cost savings. These come through automating the identification of opportunities in the following areas:

  • Returns / credits
  • Split bills
  • Duplicate orders
  • Waste reduction
  • Contract adherence
  • Drug utilization improvements (formulary)
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Drug Manufacturer Rebates

As the responsible payer for rising drug costs, you are eligible for valuable manufacturer rebates. SRX technology identifies and submits all eligible rebates, and guaranteed quarterly payments that can put thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

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Case Study

For one veterans home, SRX analyzed their drug utilization and identified opportunities that would result in a lower net cost including a large mix of rebate-eligible drugs that would also meet the clinical needs of the veterans being served. By automating the audit of previous pharmacy bills, SRX technology also identified opportunities for cost savings in other areas such as over-the-counter (OTC) medications. In total, these opportunities represent approximately $133,040 in annual savings across their four facilities. If you are interested in a similar free analysis, contact us today.

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Rebatable Scripts by Month with SRX

To learn more download the full case study PDF here or schedule a free demo to see the cost savings SRX could provide for your veterans home.