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Drug Utilization
Cost Savings
Price Discrepancies

SRX’s proprietary technology accesses extensive data including eligible rebates, drug databases, formularies, and regulatory/compliance determinations and integrates them with each facility’s unique processes, pharmacy relationships, patient care protocols, existing software and technology, electronic health record (EHR) systems, and personnel resources. Information, analysis and automation is accessed through a single, easy-to-use, online portal.

How It Works

How It Works

1Automated Invoice Auditing

SRX automation audits each and every invoice to provide critical insights into analytics and reports our customers use to reduce pharmacy costs and increase rebates.

2Integrate All Aspects of Pharmacy Spend

Our software can integrate with your pharmacy contracts, formulary rules, and dispensing rules to prevent errors from occurring in the first place.

3Targeted Insights and Reports

When automation isn’t possible, our powerful reports provide you with the tools you need to recoup credits, identify discrepancies, and improve controls that lower costs.

4Maximize Drug Rebates

Lastly, our software identifies all eligible rebates, even those hiding in plain sight, and submits them to drug manufacturers to ensure timely delivery of maximum rebates.


Qualified and experienced industry experts ensure a smooth transition to the SRX solution. A proven implementation process, combined with ongoing customer support provides operators the support needed to take control of pharmacy spend outcomes.

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01 / Assess

Analyze / audit pharmacy invoices and contracts to identify opportunities for improvement, automation and cost savings.

Drug Utilization
02 / Drug Utilization

Collaborate with your clinical teams to establish a formulary that addresses both care and cost considerations.

03 / Integration

Migrate data from pharmacy contracts, EHRs, and invoices into our software and integrate with census information, pricing databases, and formulary parameters.

04 / Train

Receive training and support from our experts to ensure your administrative staff can run reports, interpret data, and evaluate reconciliation data.

05 / Support

After automating your invoice auditing and rebate submission process, our customer service specialists provide continued assistance and support.

06 / Review

We provide monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports and analysis that detail total spend, credits, discrepancies, and rebates so you can take full control of your spend.

SRX technology was developed by industry experts to specifically address these and other issues related to SNF pharmacy management. Our solution provides critical insight into all invoice line items, and guarantees the payment of timely rebates. We have the most complete solution and our results speak for themselves.